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Audition Results 2018-2019

Brochure UPDATED

Audition results are posted below.  If you do not see your dancers name listed you should have received an email.  If this is not the case, please email Corinne@dancewithsynergy.com.  Corinne can help you find your dancers results.  (Please note that Corinne has no bearing on results).

Dear Parents,

As a parent you have an important job, your job (among many things), is to advocate for, love, and teach YOUR child.  Just YOUR child.  Our job as directors at Synergy is to do this for EVERY CHILD.  Every year, at this time, there are parents who feel their child has been placed incorrectly.  It is not their job to think of the bigger picture.  But it is ours.  We get to think of the student population as a whole.  We get to make the choice that benefits the majority and the studio as a whole.  And yes- often times that will offend individuals.  But we can take comfort in knowing that we are doing our job and they are doing theirs. 

We sincerely hope that everyone at Synergy knows we have the best interests of our dancers in mind.  We want everyone to be successful!  And if your child didn’t make the group they were hoping, talk to them about setting goals and our faculty is happy to help guide them along the way.  Parents’ can truly make or break the experience.  Change is ALWAYS hard.  We don’t take these decisions lightly.

Please DO NOT CONTACT any of the Synergy staff, this includes all instructors, regarding placements until Monday.  Staff and Instructors are not to respond to messages sent during this time.

You will shortly receive an email with important team/company information.  Please read the email along with all attachments.  This information is being sent in place of another parent meeting.  Please fill your contracts out AFTER you have read through all the information.  Please email questions AFTER you have read through all the information.  Contracts are due June 7th.  You must complete your contract to secure your spot!  Your yearly registration fee is do upon completion of the contract.  All contracts that are turned in on time have a registration fee of $15.  Contracts received after June 7th will have a $20 registration fee.  Please help us serve you better by completing your contracts ON TIME!

HAPPY DANCE NEW YEAR!  Our staff and instructors are busy with planning, training, and choreographing for next season.  Every year we out do ourselves and we are gearing up to do that again!  Thank you everyone for being part of our Synergy Family.



Mini Prep- Avrey Harper, Elsie Bitter, Harper Bowles, Harper Madsen, Isabella Traylor, Kaitlin Garfield, Lexie Carr, Oakley Ericson, Ruby Inkley, Savvy Sawyer, Scarlett Nielsen, Sienna Pando, Stella Ayala Ave age 4.4

Small Prep- Hadley Ipson, Halston Boone, Hannah Peterson, Jacee Evans, Kinley Crofts, Luci Meldrum, Lyrik White, Markie Meredith, Norah Alexander, Paislynn George, Rachel Young, Scarlett Dorion, Sophia Reed, Violett Vann Ave age 5.5

Junior Prep- Afton Ford, Aven Overby, Scarlett Vann, Sadie Maxfield, Hallee Booth, Lodyn Wismer, Avery Peterson, Shailey Porter, Brooklyn Ison, Tenley Thompson, Brynlee Pate, Christy Higginson Ave age 6.6

Platinum- Alexa Seal, Amelia Bodtcher, Aria Kanegae, Aryiah Voorhies, Blakely Dayley , Henzlee Alaya, Jaxson Fox, Kaiya Anderson, Kallee Kidd, Khloe Douros, Paisely Jones, Tegan Williams Level 1 Ave age 5.8

Topaz- Abraya Yazzie, Avery Jones, Charlotte Mantle, Daphni Fuchs, Ejay Batt, Kambree Allred, Kenadey Bohne, Keslee Harper, Kiara Sorensen, Makinlee Snow, Meagan Young, Mia Myers, Molly Alvord, Nixxyn Hadfield Level 1 Ave age 6.6

Jasper- Chloe Jones, Ellison Shumate, Gracelynn Chazen, Hadley Sommer, Kaimbry Vance, Maci Beams, Mylee Francis, Paige Forsey, Saylor Thorne, Swayzi Bitter Level 2 Ave age 6.4

Cobalt- Amelia Haggin, Hailee Hegvik, Harper Hill, Kylee Fox, Lilah Garcia, Morgan Hahn, Tessa Breinholt, Ximena Garcia Level 2.5 Ave age 7.3

Quartz- Ambree Johnson, Ella Crane, Katie VanLeeuwen, Kenzie Evans, Krishelle Clifford, Logan Forman, Maci Alvord, Maddi Shuring, Madison Sandgren, Paige Selman Level 2 Ave age 7.8

Zinc- Abigail Nielson, Brodee Wall, Brooklyn Davis, Elenore Mantle, Emerson Selin, Halie Bell, Kaithlyn Valero, Kennedi Lucero, Kennedy Taylor, Kyra Parry, Marlee Halvorson, Rowyn Boone, Rylee Mooney, Tylee Maio Level 1.5 Ave age 9

Jade- Annistyn Pape, Berkley Robinson, Brooklyn Jensen, Bryar Browning, Elle Downie, Lily Quenum, Mishea Francis, Morgan Duncan, Payton Mehl, Preslee Snow, Tayler Honey, Zaidee Cagle Level 2.5 Ave age 8.9

Peridot- Addison Shelton, Brek Bryant, Clara Weis, Daphne Hill, Gracie Taylor, Kennady Decker, Kyra Byer, Leah Hanson, Reece Andrus Level 3 Ave age 9.4

Tanzanite- Adelade Landmark, Alexus Dickinson, Amelia Loveridge, Brakenna Garn, Giselle Guzman, Kenzie Pringle, Maigan Porter, Morgan Nuffer, Scarlett Cole, Shayd Hansen, Sophie Bagshaw, Sophie Palmer Level 1.5 Ave age 11.3

Opal- Addison Thompson, Aleksia Johnson, Allison McCleve, Audrey Mildenhall, Avery Reid, Bryn Erickson, Gentry Casper, Jaden Hill, June Perry, Katie Mathews, Kenslee Timpson, Kenzi Fish, Melody Shoda, Saylor Sanders Level 2 Ave age 10.6

Gypsum- Aleah, Anderson, Amelia Cummings, Abbie Clarke, Bailee Mangum, Breckyn Callister, Carmel Sandstedt, Claire Sandstedt, Hallie Bonham, Hannah Morgan, Katelyn White, Kaytie Murray, Lola Shepherd, London Gunn, Melanie Buonocore, Olivia Pape Level 3 Ave age  11.2

Azure- Addy Brough, Alyssa Snedaker, Beau Bennett, Diana Molina, Hallie Sant, Kamdyn Tebbs, Karlee Gronning, Khmaila Seng, Kolby Kidd, Olivia Harrell, Sloane Gregrich Level 4 Ave age 11.6

Obsidian- Dylann Campbell, Kambrie Peek, Kyra Johnson, Natalie Corona, Paige Johnson, Taiya Crockett, Taylor Peake, Tazia McAfee, Teagan Mayhew, Teanna Sorensen Level 1 Ave age 14

Kyanite- Ashley Monson, Audrey Weis, Braxy Bryant, Camryn Conner, Chayse Robison, Emelyn Clegg, Emme de Jong, Hannah Mitchell, Kiara Jex, Megan Alvord, Natalie Martin, Sadie Everitt, Sage Burke, Sage Erickson, Sienna Skousen Level 2.5 Ave age 12.3

Chrome- Alexis Garduno, Avery Hiller, Braxton Morton, Brynleigh Love, Jazmine Nagel, Kanami Allison, Katelyen Bohne, Kayla Potwin, Kemmer Eggenberger, Lillian Turpin, Madison Shepherd, Mya Thompson, Sophie Vanleuwen Level 3 Ave age 14

Onyx Rapture- Allison Park, Cydnee Halls, Emma LaDue, Emma Rowland, Janessa Blackham, Jordyn Veldevere, Kortnie Denos, Ryann Pace, Sadie Ashley, Shakayleigh Martinez, Shaylie Atkinson, Tatum Carter, Tayla Milkovich, Taylor Hansen Level 4 Ave age 13.6

Onyx Midnight- Addison McKinnon, Allison Groo, Ashlyn Hanna, Brea Sauric, Brooke Slade, Grace Baisch, Halle Kristensen, Kylie Brown, Kylie Jones, Maddi Davis, Mckenna Atkinson, Savanah Watkins, Sydney Peterson Level 4 Ave age 13.5

Onyx Twilight- Aspen Kesler, Autumn Baker, Emma Robison, Jadyn Sommer, Mackenzie McIntosh, Madison Jaromillo, Maria Warner, Maycie Canning, Rhyan Carson Level 4 Ave age 15

Hip-hop Teams

Nitro-Sophia Reed, Keagan Collins, Aria Kanegae, Jaxson Fox, Kallee Kidd, Paisley Jones, Tegan Williams, Blakeley Dayley, Henzlee Ayala, Kaiya Anderson, Scarlett Nielsen, Aven Overby, Hallee Booth, Khloe Douros

Shock- Kambree Allred, Kenadey Bohne, Keslee Harper, Abraya Yazzie, Daphni Fuchs, EJay Bat,t Molly Alvord, Chloe Jones, Ellison Shumate, Gracelynn Chazen, Kaimbry Vance, Swayzi Bitter, Hadley Sommer, Paige Forsey, Maci Beames, Mia Myers

Fallout- Amelia Haggin, Hailee Hegvik, Harper Hill. Ximena Garcia. Kylee Fox, Lilah Garcia, Tessa Breinholt, Ambree Johnson, Ella Crane, Kenzie Evans, Logan Forman, Madison Sandgren, Katie VanLeeuwen, Krishelle Clifford, Maci Alvord, Maddi Schuring

TNT- Avery Peterson, Tenley Thompson, Emerson Selin, Kaithlyn Valero, Kyra Parry, Rowyn Boone, Rylee Mooney, Brodee Wall, Marlee Halvorson, Brooklyn Davis, Kennedi Lucero, Alexa Andrizzi, Kendall Geiger, Brikelle Pett

Fuze- Annistyn Pape, Preslee Snow, Bryar Browning, Payton Mehl, Lily Quenum, Mishea Francis, Morgan Duncan, Tayler Honey, Zaidee Cagle, Elle Downie, Brooklynn Jensen, Berkley Robinson, Abigail Nielsen, Kyra Byer, Brek Bryant, Leah Hanson, Addison Shelton

Swat- Addison Thompson, Aleksia Johnson, Allison McCleve, Audrey Mildenhall, Bryn Erickson, June Perry, Melody Shoda, Avery Reid, Jaden Hill, Kenslee Timpson, Katie Mathews, Kenzi Fish, Gentry Casper, Phrankee Wall

Wreck Crew- Aleah Anderson, Amelia Cummings, Claire Sandstedt, Lola Shepherd, Melanie Buonocore, Bailee Mangum, Kaytie Murray, Olivia Pape, Hallie Bonham, London Gunn, Katelyn White, Hannah Morgan, Abbie Clarke, Breckyn Callister, Carmel Sandstedt, Addyson Meza, Addy Brough, Kamdyn Tebbs, Karlee Gronning, Kolby Kidd, Hallie Sant, Olivia Harrell, Sloane Gregrich, Lachlan Roberts

C4- Adelade Landmark, Alexus Dickinson, Amelia Loveridge, Scarlett Cole, Kenzie Pringle, Sophie Bagshaw, Sophie Palmer, Giselle Guzman, Taiya Crockett, Kyra Johnson, Taylor Peake, Natalia Carona

Detonte- Ashley Monson, Chayse Robison, Braxy Bryant, Emme de Jong, Hannah Mitchell, Megan Alvord, Natalie Martin, Sage Burke, Sage Erickson, Emelyn Clegg, Sienna Skousen, Camryn Conner, Isabelle Guerra, Alexis Garduno, Avery Hiller, Brynleigh Love, Kayla Potwin, Lillian Turpin, Madison Shepherd, Braxton Morton, Jazmine Nagel, Sophie Vanleuwen, Katelyn Bohne, Kanami Allison, Jorji Schindler, Sadie Everitt, Kiara Jex

Bomb Squad- Jordyn Veldevere, Emma Rowland, Emma LaDue, Ryann Pace, Shaylie Attkinson, Kortnie Denos, Tatum Carter, Tayla Milkovich, Taylor Hansen, Allison Park, Shakayleigh Martinez, Cydnee Halls, Sadie Ashley, Ashlee Grupe, Donnie Van Otten, Jada Barker, Allison Groo, Ashlyn Hanna, Brea Sauric, Brooke Slade, Kylie Jones, Kylie Brown, Maddi Davis, Mackenzie McIntosh, Maria Warner, Madison Jaromillo, Maycie Canning, Rhyan Carson, Jadyn Sommer, Emma Robison, Autumn Baker, Taylor Allfrey


Vega-  Alexis Allen, Amanda Lindquist, Ashlee Briggs, Ashlynn Wehrli, Brynlee Ruoti, Cambree Presley, Carly Mitchell, Ella Jayne Davis, Kenzi Hansen, Madelyn Fowlks, Madilynn Taylor, Samantha Rowland, Sloane Booth, Tenlie Jones Ave age 14

Alyssa Richards, Ashlee Garrett, Grace Holladay, Hailey Nygard, Halle Almond, Harlee Ruoti, Julia Rollins, Kennedy Johnson, Tacy Merrill, Lydia Montero, Reese Barney, Shelby Baumgartner, Tatum Templeton Ave age 13

Nova- Addison Almond, Alexa Chazen, Braxton Morton (hiphop), Breanne Gordon, Grace Danielson, Kaidence Vance, Kate Bentley, Kendyl Telford, Maren Marshall, Maya Spencer, Londyn Merrill
Teia Bradfield Ave age 12

Lynx-  Addison Parker, Ashlin Peterson, Bella Simon, Caymbree Hodges, Oakley Gerona, Kendelle Lott Ave age 11

Hydra- Averie Caldwell, BreElle Wehri, Brynlee Morton, Indie Batt, Jayedyn White, Kenzie Kidd, Kolby Kidd (hiphop), Lachlan Roberts (hiphop), Loren Williams, McKenzi Hill, Mia Winterton, Mikinlee Muhlestein, Phoenix Fortner, Savanna Jager, Sophie Zettler Ave age 11

Draco- Berklee Muhlestein, Mckaylee Cannon, Taygen Barney, Ambree Maio, Presley Brooks, Adelynn Young, Berkley Blackner, Cora Johnson, Ella Monsen, Felicity Bunk, Molly Danielson, Olivia Jager, Kadence Maneotis, Bentley Holtby, Lauren Beard, Trinity Kumpin Ave age 9

Altair- Brylee Lloyd, Caitlin Varner, Indy Sansom, Jordan Peterson, Kimberly Collins, McKinsley Ericson, Mia Mohler, Skylie Black, Soleil Tachiki, Taylee Geertson, Tenley Robbins Ave age 8



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