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Onyx Raven

Fall Schedule

Mon 6:30-7:30 studio 4 choreo with Shannon, Danielle, and Kayla
Mon 7:30-8:30 studio A choreo with Kayla
Mon 8:30-9:30 studio 3 ballet with Missy
Thurs 6:00-7:00 studio 9 BombSquad with Kendall and Kylie
Thurs 7:00-8:30 studio 9 choreo with Jami
Thurs 8:30-9:30 studio 5 ballet with Tiffani

Tuesday group
6:30-8:00 studio A technique with Joelle
8:00-9:30 studio 4 ballet with Alyssa
Wednesday group
6:30-8:00 studio 8 ballet with Tiffani
8:00-9:30 studio 5 technique with Shannan S.

1) Choreography Monday @6:30 is the Onyx combined routine.  This routine will include Midnight, Raven, and Rapture.  Due to the size and length of the routine, dancers will have a lot of small group work, this will create some "down time".  During this "down time" dancers will have technique trainning in studio 2 with Kayla.  

2) Dancers have been divided into 2 groups for ballet and techinque training mid-week.  This split has determined by keeping teams together as much as possible, allowing dancers to attend church commitments, and keeping the classes balanced.  If you would like to request a day change, please email Rebekah@dancewithsynergy.com. (Assignments below)

3) It is VITAL to your dancers training that he/she attend ALL classes.  If a case arises when your dance must miss class, they need to make these hours up.  Missing a few hours here and there really adds up.  Your dancers’ technical development will suffer if technique/ballet classes are missed.  We DO consider attendance when creating teams, so please be vigilant in class attendance.

Level 4

Grace Baisch (T)
Allison Groo (W)
Brooke Slade (T)
Ashlyn Hanna (W)
Savannah Watkins (W)
Mckenna Atkinson (W)
Kylie Jones (T)
Maddi Davis (T)
Skylar Denos (T)
Addison McKinnon (W)
Autumn Baker (W)

Please fill out your team contract before June 4th
If you choose to decline, please fill out the decline form to avoid team charges.



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